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   Calculate gross wages for each pay period

   Calculate federal, state, and local taxes

   Write your company's payroll checks with earnings, deductions, and year-to-date detail provided on the voucher (if you use voucher checks), or on a separate pay stub and can be printed for your employees

   Pay employees on a daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis

   Handle all kinds of compensation: salary, hourly (including overtime), commission, or a combination

   Track sick and vacation time

   Allow you to specify hours worked for 'each job (and class) to allocate payroll expenses by job (and class)

   Allow your employees to specify extra taxes or deductions in addition to the standard ones, and apply them immediately.

   Track company loan repayments, 401(k) deductions, tips, union dues, bonuses, car expenses, and many other nonstandard payroll items

   Observe deduction ceilings for taxes and other deductions

   Track your company's liabilities to the government, insurance companies, and so on.

   Write checks to pay off your company's payroll liabilities and make deposits to your Federal Reserve bank of these liabilities.

   Record employee details such as pay and commission rates, social security number, tax exemptions

   Prepare, print and mail Forms W-2 and W-3 at the appropriate time to your employees and to the Social Security Administration.

   Calculate, prepare, print and file your 940 and 941 forms of employers' taxes to the Internal Revenue Service..

   Calculate and track hours worked, keep year-to-date totals for all employees, and shows this information on payroll reports

   Also prepare, print, and mail Form 1099-MISC to your contractors at the appropriate season. This is not a payroll form, it is for vendors who receive non-employee compensation. This service is included only for those vendors for which we have been tracking payment along with payroll services throughout the year.  

Services are subscribed to (contract required) and charged on a per-payroll-check basis, and payable each month. Other up front charges involved are any cost for unique supplies requested by you, the employer, such as: rubber endorsement and signature stamps. The telephone fax machine is utilized for the transmitting of the entry of payroll. Weekly delivery service is included for payroll reports, paychecks, and billing. Postage is included for the mailing of all tax returns and filings.

Record backups are multiple and kept in a fireproof locked safe. The proprietor is provided with regular paper reports. All records are held in the strictest of confidentiality!