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The Class of 1969 50th Reunion!
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Many thanks to the 50th year reunion committee
for their hard work for a successful 50th reunion!

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 Arnold, Timothy  Moore Baker, Louise
 Ballard, Paul Talmo Bartling, Anna Marie
 Blondin, Peter  Breeding, Avery
 LeDoyne Buzalek, Susan Bynam, David
 Cartner, Robert Fasti, Debra
 Laws Harris, Rita Hewson, William (Don)
 Hughes, Helen Johnson, Ronald
 Keenan, Charlotte Herrmann Kiehl, Joy Lee
 Robinson Klingler, Sallie Lloyd, Margaret
 White Lloyd, Kathy Martin, Robert
 McGonigal McCaffery, Susan McCamie, Cheryl
 Moore, Gregory Payne, Richard
 Kirk Pazdelski, Kathleen (Kit) Ryan, Renee
 Dehorty Sartin, Patsy Shakespeare, Steve
 Shirrefs, John Troxell, Kenneth
 Watson, Thomas White, Gloster
 Williams, Steven

If you have the current email, address or phone number for anyone
on the list, please send an email to
with the information. Thanks!!

The 45th Reunion was enjoyed by all who attended!
45th Reunion Photos
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35th Reunion Photos Album 1 Album 2 Album 3 Album 4
Album 5 Album 6 Album 7    
Other Photos Album 1 June 2007 Golf Outing Pictures


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In Memory Of
George C. Brown

James M. Montebell

Raymond E. Martin Jr.


 Arthur, Scott   Bachman, Stephen 
 Baker, JoAnne  2004  Best, Kenneth 
 Carmean, Thomas  2009  Chickadel, Donato  2002
 Cooke, Thomas   Drake, David  2011
 Ellegood, Benjamin   Ennis, Larry 
 Fagan, Robert   Futty, Dennis 
 Gerrish, Bruce   Green, Donald 
 Holland, George  2019  John, Lester  2017
 Kessler, Deborah   Kneisley, Steve 
 Kumpel, Claude  2019  Lieberman, Robert  1999
 Peters, John E  Thomas, David  2008
 Walls, Gary J  Wolf, Dennis 
 Adlesic  Brandt, Renee   2006  Ashbee  Lewis, Tawndra  2005
 Cannon  Graham, Linda   Dianna  Hanna, Kathleen D.
 Harshbarger  Sabin, Loretta  2017  Huhn  Crane, Holly  2019
 LaPenta  Taylor, Carolyn   Lewis  Rutter, Mary Beth  2019
 Matyas  Parkinson, Betsy   Montgomery  Lewis, Kathleen   2010
 Trotter  Evans, Gail  2018

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