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For Buyers

To Buy Or Not To Buy!

Choosing Your Home Away From Home.


Buying a home for an investment or a place to raise a family can be overwhelming and can consume you with anxiety until settlement arrives. We at Golden Coastal Realty are here to assist you in your journey from beginning to end in order to make your decision a stress free and life long enjoyable experience. As a local area expert with knowledge of the communities our objective is to work diligently in order to assist you in meeting your expected goals. As a buyer you can rely upon our abilities to fully understand your personal real estate needs such as locating your home, financing and finalizing your transaction. Together with our team of assistants we will walk you through the buying maze from start to finish in order to accomplish a seamless success. We are committed to offering our customers and clients the highest standards of professional services.


Who Will Represent You In Your Home Purchase?


Let Us Be Your Exclusive Buyer Agent!


When it comes time to buy a home, finding a good real estate agent is almost as important as finding the home. Most people see a home they want to look at, call the number on the sign and end up in a long-term relationship with whatever agent was on phone duty that day. That agent will assist you in finding your home, but will that agent represent your best interests. When Golden Coastal Realty is working for you as an Exclusive Buyers Agent we are legally bound to serve in your best interests, not the sellers. Most states require that agents disclose their relationship as a seller's agent or a buyer's agent at the first meeting before you start looking at homes. You should know whether the agent represents you as a buyer or a seller's agent. Traditionally real estate agents are hired by sellers to represent their interests in regards to the sale of their home. A real estate agents fiduciary obligation is to the seller to seek the highest possible price for their clients. Your interests are not represented unless you retain an agent who will work for you. For one of the most important financial decisions in your life time why as a buyer would you work with an agent that represents someone else's interests.


Choose Us To Represent You


Golden Coastal Realty will negotiate aggressively on your behalf to get you the best price. Remember an Exclusive Buyers Agent, who is a licensed real estate professional can suggest negotiation strategies and provide information that will assist the buyer in determining what type of offer to make. For instance, the agent can obtain the history of the listing and the actual sales prices for other similar homes in the same neighborhood. Your can rely on your real estate agents expertise in coordinating the required inspections, resolving the negotiation in repairs or other situations that may arise with your new purchase. They can research and assist you in all phases of your real estate venture. Our agents and broker is a member of the National Association of Realtors, an organization with a strict ethics code and advanced education programs which keep members abreast of the latest techniques, trends and latest laws. We know the market and all the Hot Spots What Is or Isn't Selling and the Do's and Don'ts of Buying. So Relax and rely on us to accompany you with one of your greatest financial decision in your lifetime.


How Does An Exclusive Buyers Agent Get Compensated?


There Is No Cost To You!


Here's how it works: Golden Coastal Realty finds you a home in Northern or Southern Delaware (The Beach Resort) Lewes, Rehoboth, Dewey Beach etc. that you must have, and we handle all of the transaction from beginning to final closing. Of course we receive a fee for this service to represent you, but that fee does not come from you. There is (NO COST TO YOU.)


In Delaware, the buyer's agent is paid by receiving a percentage, usually 50 percent, of the commission at closing which is usually the co-broke commission from the seller unless another type of contractual agreement was made. At the table, a percentage of the selling price goes toward commission for the real estate agent(s). If the buyer has no agent the entire payment goes to the seller's agent, which is considered a dual agency. When a buyer's agent is involved in the transaction the commission is split with the seller's agent. Therefore, the buyer is never charged a fee. Whether you're out there on your own, or represented by the professional whose strategies, resources and expertise as your agent working for your interest as an Exclusive Buyers Agency, (Remember the cost to you, the buyer, remains the same - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.)


What You Save With Us: Thousands


Purchasing a property for even a few thousand dollars less than the asking price can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of your mortgage. You have everything to gain by making the right choice.


Choose Golden Coastal Realty To Represent You.













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