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For Sellers

For Sellers

Getting Top Dollar For Your Home!


Selling is our specialty whether it's a condo, town home, land, mobile or a premier estate waterfront property, we are here to help you get Top Dollar for your home today! We can also help you save thousands of dollars by listing with us under our Reduced Commission Plan. Just Ask!


We know that selling can be frustrating, confusing, complex, time consuming and one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. You owe it to yourself to consider Golden Coastal Realty whose intention is to expose your home 24/7 to potential customers, realtors, and without a doubt for all the public to see in order to initiate a contact for a possible sale. Buying and selling a property involves skillful negotiating, creative marketing, and a full time professional who has the time to network aggressively on your behalf. Our purpose for listing homes is not to hold on to them but to sell them as quickly as possible to eliminate the seller's extra financial expense. If you are planning to sell your home in the next few months give us a call (302) 360-0226 for information on services we can provide to you.


Curb Appeal-First Impression


Curb appeal makes the difference if a customer drives by or stops. Once intrigued, the inquisitive buyer will take enough time to stop the car to reach for the property description information placed on your lawn sign. You are halfway their, once customers are inside the simple changes can also impact how quickly your property sells. So let's get your home ready to sell.


Home Selling Tips!


Outside Appearance
  • Your Front Door should look inviting
  • Paint the front door and hang a wreath
  • Weekly grass maintenance and yard cleanup
  • Shrubbery trimmed and flower beds mulched
  • Store hoses neatly
  • Park extra vehicles, boats etc. away from home
  • Eliminate excess yard accessories
  • Apply fresh paint as needed to spruce up the appearance
  • Replace outdoor corroded light fixtures
  • Replace torn screens or broken sealed windows
  • Fill in driveway or walkway cracks.


Interior Appearance
  • When entering your home does it make a statement?
  • Eliminate all odors, baking creates a pleasing environment
  • Spackle all holes in walls, and correct any ceiling water stains
  • Paint rooms in neutral colors
  • Shampoo dirty carpets
  • Unclutter! Unnecessary accessories and furniture
  • Keep kitchen countertops spacious and clean
  • Correct any plumbing leaks
  • Keep pets away while house is being viewed
  • Turn off all TV's and fill the room with soothing music


Remember that buyers feel uncomfortable when previewing a home while the seller is present. Give your customers time to carefully inspect your home to see if it meets their needs, it may result in a sale by giving them a little space.


Hiring Our Exceptional Team of Agents


Choose the right real estate professional who has your best interest in mind. Select someone you will have confidence in getting your property sold for you, one who is energetic, has marketing skills and an agent who can communicate the home improvement plan to attract a buyer. Our real estate agents at Golden Coastal Realty are trained to assist you in preparing for all that is needed in order to sell your home from the initial consultation to final closing. Our expertise is to market, obtain a qualified buyer, follow thru with negotiations, inspections, repairs, mortgage payoff, escrow and most of all finalize all aspects up to closing.


Our goal is a satisfied client who recommends us with referrals for a job well done. We want to earn your business. Call us today and start packing!


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Pricing Your Home To Sell


Price your home to sell today! The homes that are priced at fair market value will sell much faster than those that are overpriced. How will you know if your home is overpriced! The first indication will be other homes sold in your neighborhood that are similar to yours. Why? Compare the condition, location and most of all the price. A potential customer walking thru your home can also answer your questions. Place a customer remark postcard on your counter and review it with your agent to assist in a quicker sale. Rely on your agent to inform you of comparable homes for sale in your area. Remember your agent is the professional and the research in our mult-list service provides us with accurate information when making decisions on home values. Don't miss the real estate market by overpricing. If your home remains on the market for too long, agents and buyers may begin to wonder if there are other, perhaps more serious reasons why it isn't selling. Dropping your price always raises concern. If your home does not sell within 30 days you should reevaluate the situation immediately to determine more marketing exposure to the real estate industry and the public. Don't lose your selling market time, price it right the first time.


Free Market Analysis
If you are planning to sell your home in the next few months, let us provide you with the information needed to assist you in getting the Highest and Best Price for your home. Our experienced realtors at Golden Coastal Realty can provide you with a Free Competitive Market Analysis to establish the value of your home by comparing the most recent sales in your neighborhood, and informing you of the properties available for sale today with the same criteria as your home.


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Stopping Foreclosure
  • Are mortgage payments late
  • Getting stressful foreclosure notices
  • Ruined credit and no place to go


We can negotiate with your bank to stop or slow down the foreclosure process so you won't have your credit ruined. Don't wait and lose your home because you don't know the process.


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Careers Opportunities


Looking for a great career opportunity with the flexibility to control your own schedule and build your own business with unlimited income potential?
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