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VOL Civic Association

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Vice President:
Makesha Cropper

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Dave Rutter

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Santa's Visit to Village of Lindell



Due to the Covid-19

Millcreek Fire Co will escort Santa and his friends and arrive around 1:45 pm on Sunday Dec 19th.

They will not be stopping anywhere, just driving around the neighborhood.

Snow in the forecast?

Whenever there is snow in the forecast, please keep your vehicles off the road so the snow plows can better clear our roads.


Community Garage Sale

Our next community garage sale
may be scheduled in the Spring 2022,
depending on interest




We are now collecting dues for the 2021-2022 season.

VOL dues are only $25.00/year and, compared to other developments, are very reasonable. Most of the funds collected go toward snow removal.  
To ensure cleared streets and the safety our development, please do your part and pay your dues on time.


Dues are collected starting in September each year to ensure we have the funds available for the upcoming snow season.


Please make checks payable to:  VOL Civic Association


You can mail/drop off your dues at:


VOL Civic Association
2402 Saint Francis Street
Wilmington, DE 19808




You can pay your dues online using Paypal by
clicking [ pay by Paypal ]

What is PayPal? CLICK HERE for info about PayPal

Village of Lindell Civic Association Dues

113 homes have paid their dues.


That's only 51% participation!


108 homes have not paid.


Want to see if you already paid your dues?
Check out the record of dues paid for your address
(records from 2004 to current)
Select your street:
Then select your number:




Problems with street lights

The Village of Lindell's street lights belong to, and are serviced by Delmarva Power.

You can report an outage, or any other problem with a street light by going online to

Once on their website, click on "OUTAGES", then "Report a street light outage".

This will bring up a map and you can select the exact street lamp. You then select what the problem is.


Wild animal sightings

Many of our neighbors have reported fox sightings, which has caused concern about domestic animals being attached, children being attached and the spread of disease. Foxes are wild animals that are mainly active during dawn and dusk, but may also be active during the day. Do not try to pet, corner or catch a fox.

Here is some additional information:



Check out Nextdoor, a private social network for neighborhoods in the Pike Creek area.

Click here for information about Nextdoor

A Letter from Evergreen Waste Service

Here at Evergreen Waste Service we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers.


We are a local business and understand that our customers keep us in business. We appreciate you choosing us to service your neighborhood. We have been servicing your neighborhood for the last 4 years and look forward on consolidating the area and saving you money.


The benefit to choosing a local company is, first, our customer service. We live in Delaware and know where you live and what is going on locally. When you call us, we answer the phone and you’re not sent through an automated service.


The second benefit to choosing us is our service levels. We do EVERYTHING weekly on the same day. We pick up Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste and Bulk Items on the same day every week. We service your area every Tuesday. Trash and Recycling is free and Yard Waste is a few dollars more a month. With Recycling we have a 96 gal cart or a 40 gal bin for you to choose from. If you would rather use your own cart we have stickers you can put on the side indicating its recycling. You can pay for Yard Waste year round for $5 more a month or pay $1 per bag as you go. If you would like stickers for a yard waste cart we can provide them for you. We occasionally have carts for yard waste.


The Third reason on choosing us to service your neighborhood is our service model. We pick up everything with two trucks EVERY week. This saves wear on the roads and less carbon emissions in your neighborhood. Less noise and although we love trash we know not everyone likes to check out garbage trucks. So seeing less of them is better for most people.


We are are a local company and if there is anything you ever need feel free to call us. We do special pickups on Saturday and can provide you with roll off or commercial service at your business. We look forward to servicing your home and family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.


Our website


Renting your property?

Any owner of a residential property that is leased for rent is required to register their property with New Castle County. All rental property owners are required to update their registration information annually by May 1st.

Visit for more information, requirements, and forms.

Click to see Tim Sheldon's website


Top Ten New Castle County Code Violations


Civic Association Meeting

Click here to see the minutes
of the public meetings



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