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Community Garage Sale

Our next community garage sale
may be scheduled in the Spring 2024,
depending on interest




Pets running loose and dogs barking

Pet Waste Management:

Several neighbors have brought up the issue of pet waste not being picked up and/or properly disposed of.

Why it Matters:

  • Dog waste can carry harmful bacteria and parasites that can be harmful to humans and other pets.
  • Keeping our public and private spaces clean and free of pet waste contributes to the overall beauty and appeal of our neighborhood (and our shoes!)
  • Shows respect for your fellow neighbors and contributes to the positive atmosphere of our neighborhood.


We have also received several complaints from neighbors regarding pets running loose and/or barking constantly.
The New Castle County ordinance states that pets must be leashed or kept within the owners property and not allowed to bark continuously.

This not only applies to dogs, but also cats. Residents have noticed an increasing number of roaming cats using their gardens/yards as 'litter boxes'.
Please respect your neighbors and keep your cats within your property!


It has been suggested that residents call Forgotten Cats (302-429-0124) for stray cats and Faithful Friends (302-427-8514) for stray dogs, as opposed to the SPCA.


Top Ten New Castle County Code Violations





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